4th May 2016


Hey Guys happy Wednesday,

Im currently sitting here excited, counting down the hours to step on the plane tomorrow and head back to Los Angeles.

I was asked by a few of you to write a blog about the ‘Travel Essentials’ I would usually take on a trip with me so here are just a few of the items I pack when heading out on a long journey.

As we all know the most important item that needs to be packed when traveling abroad is your passport. I got my hands on this beautiful customised leather passport holder from Deriwe to store mine.

I always recommend to take your sunglasses in your hand luggage with you as on many occasions I have turned up to my sunny destination to find out I now have wonky shades (which Is never a good look on anyone)

If I’m traveling on a long haul flight I always make sure to pack a tube of tooth paste in my hand luggage as there is nothing worst than bad breath after eating those “delicious” meals you get on the plane.

Also a few other bits I make sure to pop into my bag are face moisturiser, hand cream and lip cream as the air conditioning on the plane always dries out my skin and lips.

I always make sure to pack a comfy pair of socks in my bag as there is nothing worst than taking your shoes off on the plane and having smelly feet or walking the aisle to the toilet with your toes sticking out of a ripped pair.

It is always good to take a magazine with you as if your like me and watch movies all the time there is nothing worse than getting on the plane to find out you have watched every film they have provided for you. Also its always nice to take a break from the screens and have a little read instead.

I take my camera everywhere I go with me as you never know what you are going to see on your travels and you never want to miss capturing some amazing memories to look back on when you’re home.

I always make sure to carry some aftershave around with me, when travelling It always requires rushing around and being in small places with a lot of people so always good to bring along with you.

Another important thing to make sure you have are your tickets,money and travel insurance so the best way to keep it all together is pop it in a small wallet that’s easy to place in your bag.

The one thing that always gets me in the mood for any trip is music. These noise canceling earphones are truly incredible from Bose and I can’t wait to use them again on my trip to LA.

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Carrera Sunglasses – Here . RayBan Sunglasses – Here , Passport Holder – Here , Moisturiser – Here 

Hand & Lip Balm – Here , Gold MVMT Watch – Here , Daniel Wellington Watch – Here ,

Cologne – Here , Socks – Here , Camera – Here , Leather Bag – Here



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