20th August 2016

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When I use to go shopping looking for a new outfit, the thought of wearing something twice always makes me want to select a cheaper item of clothing, as I could then buy more of a selection.  I have now realised this doesn’t have to be the case, now when putting my outfits together, Ive learnt to experiment more.  By adding a different pair of shoes/boots or jacket, or even switching between a T-shirt and shirt to create various types of styles using some of the same garments.  The slightest change can give off a completely different vibe. Below I have alternated a T-shirt and Shirt which I feel gives you 2 different looks to work with.

.Let me know in the comments box below what you think to the outfits 🙂


Jacket – Here , T-shirt – Here , Jeans – Here , Boots – Here , Shirt – Here , Sun Glasses- Here ,  Earphone – Here , Watch – Here



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