Spring Clean | Overcoming Depression

29th April 2018


If you subscribe to my youtube channel (Carl Cunard) you will know that last year I was feeling very down and I couldn’t put my finger on why this was the case. Every day was becoming a struggle and I was constantly sad. It turns out that I was actually dealing with a form of depression. I shared my story so that anyone who was experiencing similar situations could relate to it and realise they weren’t alone.

Following on from my story I wanted to share the steps I took to get to me back to my usual self in the hope that it can help people who are suffering with these feelings. A lot of people advised me to speak to a councilor but I wanted to at least try and help myself first. I am the only one who is going to know deep down what my issues are.

I wrote down all aspects of my life that I felt I was struggling to deal with and looked at them as a task. Identifying these was the hardest part, but once I had done this I could look at overcoming them, one at a time.

One of the main things that I felt was loneliness, however I was caught in a rut because I didn’t want to go out anywhere and was avoiding people. The first step to address this was to make sure I spoke to my friends and family on the phone each day. I then phased this into making plans with friends and having face to face contact. I had been isolating myself because of how I was feeling, but having people around, that loved me made me realise I had a strong support to get through it.

I work from home a lot and therefore I would often go days at a time without leaving the house, which inevitably gave me a bit of cabin fever and made feel tired. I ended up moping around some days and had no drive to go out anywhere. I decided to make a conscious effort to make sure I went out every day even if it was just to the shop and back. Getting some fresh air and actually seeing other people living life made such a difference. It made me realise my life wasn’t confined to 4 walls and there was a world out there.

I also decided to look for a new apartment so that I had a bit more space to separate work from life. I wanted to make sure that I was working in a nice environment that made me feel inspired. When you’re surrounded by mess and distractions it’s hard to focus. If you organize your working space it gives you a sense of control over your mental state. It’s true what they say – clear desk, clear mind.

Given my line of work one of my greatest passions but greatest demons is social media. I am constantly ‘switched on’ and struggle to disconnect between my life and my work. I was in the habit of living through my phone and not actually taking in what was in front of me. I made a conscious effort to have at least 2 hours a day away from my phone, this helped me create the divide between life and social media and meant I could have some ‘me time.

I was also guilty of constantly comparing myself to others. I would always look at what people were doing, or what they had and to be honest I got a bit jealous. When I took a step back I noticed everyone is so different and realized that there is always going to be someone who is better than me in certain ways because we’re not the same. I accepted myself and decided I wasn’t going to let other people affect that. We are always going to judge ourselves against what we see but instead of it driving you into the ground make it drive your ambition to be the best you.

When I was feeling down I never wanted to spend time making myself healthy food and just ordered in rubbish. I didn’t have any energy and although I went to the gym was really de motivated.  I would turn, give 40% effort and wasn’t focused at all. When you don’t look after yourself it makes you feel even worse and you get into a downward spiral. I knew I needed to get back into a healthy routine and take care of myself. Once I acknowledged that lack of exercise and eating badly was making me feel so sluggish I knew I needed to get back into my routine. A week in I was already feeling worlds apart from what I felt. The endorphins made me feel happiness rather than sadness and I fueled my body and mind with good food. Once I got back into it I felt like my old self and so proud of what I had accomplished.

I am very lucky I get to travel a lot however it is mostly with work. When I started feeling like myself again I wanted to go and see more of the world and eep bettering myself so that I didn’t go back to how I was. I arranged to go and visit people in different cities to really get out there and explore different ends of the earth. I loved being able to do what I wanted when I wanted rather than being on a tight schedule. Having me time and a little ‘get away’ from daily life every now and again is really important for me.

I hope this helps even one person to overcome negative feelings and know that they are not alone. Feelings of depression are nothing to be ashamed of so don’t be afraid of talking to your friends and family about it. Acknowledging that you are struggling is the hardest part and sharing it can make you stronger.

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  1. Leonel D Smith says:

    Thank you so much for sharing you experience with depression Carl.
    It also helps people like me who have friends or family struggling against it.
    Once again, thank you!

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