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19th April 2017

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Over the past couple of months Ive had several questions asking, “How do you become a blogger / social media influencer”.   I believe, in this industry there is enough work for everyone, so below I have tried to answer some of your questions as best as I possible could and hopefully helped inspire you to start doing something you are also very passionate about.

How to grow your Instagram following: 

. Post about what you love

. Only upload quality photos

. Check your Instagram Insights for your best times of the day to post

. Use relevant #’s

. Focus on 3 genres on your page for example ( Fashion, Travel, Grooming) or (Fitness, Food, Fashion) people that love any of these subjects then know they are following the right person to get inspiration from your page and they won’t be seeing too much stuff they may not like.

. Make sure you edit your photos right with a good filter that doesn’t take too much of the naturalness away from the photo as everyone loves a natural picture (Blogpost on how I edit my photos coming next week)

. Check from your Insights which photos you post do the best and work more with that.

. Something I have found that works well for me is travel, people like to see you out of your normal surroundings so any trips you may have lined up make sure you get some great shots to post.

. Interact with other peoples pages, liking and commenting to support their work so they may potentially head over to your page and do the same.

How to work with brands: 

For me this is something I have been extremely lucky with. Ive never had to contact brands for work and managed to keep myself very busy over the past 2 years of blogging.  However contacting brands is certainly not something to be ashamed of, as it shows you have initiative. Brands are always on the look out for great bloggers, its not always about the following you have, they also look for someone with a overall look and passion that fits their brand. I myself don’t get every collaborations because I am not always the right fit for whichever brand it may be.  Post what you love on your Instagram and blog because you want to post it not because your expecting work to come in from it. Using the correct #’s can help with brands finding your page when they are looking for their next influencers to work with. For example, If Clinique were looking for some bloggers for their next campaign they will spend a fair few days searching the social web to find the right guys for the job, they may search for #’s like #MensGrooming  #MaleGrooming #MaleBlogger #MensSkincare these are just examples they could potentially search. Also starting a relationship with a brand is always good, find the PR for the brands you like and drop them a email to say you would appreciate some products from their brand to review on your channels. If your post does well the brand just might come back in the future with a collaboration with any upcoming launches they have.

How many post’s to upload a day: 

When it comes to the amount of posts I upload on my account per day, this is something that can vary depending on if I am away traveling and what content I have to upload. My usual everyday amount is just 1 upload, I feel with the new Instagram algorithm it’s good to upload 1 image and let that have its time and attention on your page without pushing another one in front when your followers have not had chance to appreciate the previous post.

Agencies & Management: 

When you have spent so much time growing your business, its pretty hard to hand part of this over to someone else to manage. Currently I manage myself when it comes to collaborations. waking up each morning with emails from brands wanting to work with me is actually one of my most enjoyable parts about the job, so right now I’m good with going at it alone. I have managed to get to where I am now by myself so I feel building the relationship with a brand myself is always a good thing.

Website design & Domains: 

My Website CarlCunard.com was created by a web design company nearly 2 years ago. My thoughts when it comes to starting and building my blog was, is the money getting the blog made worth it in the long run, which thankfully for me it has been. I am not someone who likes to do something and not start it right. I will be completely honest, It’s not cheap to have your website created, well for me it wasn’t anyway as I had a vision in my mind of what I wanted and that was perfectly put into place by the team I employed. A great place to start is searching and buying the domain you want for your blog which can be done on www.1and1.co.uk   .

I hope some of the information above has helped with any unanswered queries you had on taking the next step to becoming a blogger and social media influencer. If you have any further questions, please pop them in the comments box below so I can answer them for you. Make sure to keep an eye out next week for my blogpost on “ How to edit Instagram photos”





  1. Riccardotorresstyle says:

    Thank you for this! I have been following some of your tips already and it does work quite well. I need to start traveling more, that would be awesome! You are an inspiration!

  2. Gianni Casagrande says:

    Great post! Some good tips here even for an experienced blogger!


  3. Derrick Manieca says:

    Amazing post bro !!! Inspiring ! I recently discovered you and I’m so happy I did . I’m new to blogging and will definitely need your advice .

  4. James Adams says:

    Awesome tips mate! Thanks for sharing!
    I need to work on my domain.

    Cheers, James

  5. Sunny Pawar says:

    Thank you for sharing the information your blog is really good for more shoe collection for men and women

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