5th July 2016


Over the past 2 months I have been reviewing some of Braun’s new facial, body and hair grooming tools. I have always taken care with my appearance and made grooming a vital part of my daily routine. Braun has introduced six new and improved styling tools for the everyday man that deliver unparalleled precision and agility to help every man achieve his own unique look all over his body. In this blog I will be talking about my three favourite products of the six.


The first product I am going to talk about is the Braun Beard Trimmer. This tool is easy to use and offers the ultimate precision for the perfect look. It is definitely something that every man should have in his possession. Did you know that 55% of men restyle their facial hair depending on the occasion*? (*P&G study Nov 2013) Well this trimmer makes it easy to achieve an exact trim length and precise contour for a perfectly groomed beard. The dial gives you complete control over the texture and thanks to its 25 different length settings it gives you 4 x more precision styling.  You can use the trimmer with or without the cord which helps when you forget to put the shaver on charge and need a quick shave. I have used a fair few beard trimmers over the past few years and this one by far is the easiest to use and most efficient.


Beard Trimmer RRP £35.99 – Here



I also have been using the Precision Trimmer over the past few weeks. This piece of equipment is what I needed to create that clean precise style I always look for. It is small which makes it easy to take anywhere to ensure you always have those sharp designed lines. It comes with 2 detachable trimmer combs to make sure you get the style you are looking to achieve right down to the last millimetre.


The Precision Trimmer RRP £14.03 – Here



Last of all I received the Braun Body Grooming kit. This is one of my favourite pieces of kit from the new range as it provides the ultimate flexibility to manscape all areas of the body with the effects lasting for up to 4 weeks. The efficiency cap effectively removes hair from all the larger areas, whilst the sensitive cap provides a more precise touch to those smaller, harder to reach parts of the body. I use this tool mainly for my chest and back but it can be used on even the smaller body parts including the feet. This is a great piece of kit to take on holiday with you, it has forty tweezers with close grip which helps you get those last little hairs you can’t normally reach before heading to the pool or beach. This product even works in the shower which avoids mess on the floor I normally create when shaving and also compliments you’re existing routine.


The Grooming kit RRP £81.54– Here






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