10th August 2016


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Do you struggle on what to wear when you receive an invite to a party with the dress code as “smart casual” ?

This is something I always used to contemplate over, never being able to find the perfect outfit, as you would never want to arrive looking to casual or to smart. Its all about finding that happy perfect balance that makes you stand out but for all the right reasons. Above are 4 outfits that I feel could sit in that ‘Smart Casual’ bracket and can hopefully help you with Ideas when selecting your outfit for your next event.

Cut of trousers are always a good place to start as not only being stylish and comfy they also are great for day and nighttime wear.  Pairing these trousers with a nice fitted tee tucked in really adds some class to the outfit while still keeping It on the ’Smart Casual’ level. Adding some detail to the outfit such as a leather jacket can also tone the outfit down a little while still keeping a sharp look. On a flip to this you could add a trendy blazer which gives you a more dapper look and shows everyone In the room you have dressed to kill. Shoes also help make the outfit as I have shown below 3 different varieties, from a polished look with a pair of brogues to a slick look with a pair of Chelsea boots and finally a simple pair of trainers to give you a more cool snazzy style.

For my last outfit I have changed the cropped trouser for a simple pair of skinny black jeans,  adding a shirt instead of a T-shirt.  When It comes to selecting a shirt, I would say stay away from black and white as I feel these take the outfit into a more smarter category.  Look for something with detail or a bit of colour as It still looks great but has a casual edge to it.

Shop The Looks Here

Look 1:  Tee – Here , Cropped Trouser – Here , Brogues – Here

Look 2:  Tee – Here , Cropped Trouser – Here , Shoes – Here , Leather Jacket – Here

Look 3: Tee – Here , Cropped Trouser – Here , Brogues – Here – Blazer – Here

Look 4: Shirt – Here , Jean – Here , Boots – Here



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