8th June 2016


Hey All,

Today I wanted to share a blog with you telling you a little bit about where it all began for me in the world of blogging,  as a lot of you have asked me a few questions previous. I have also attached some hints and tips on, how you can get yourself started, If you have a passion for blogging or If you like the look of what I do and want to give It a go yourself.

It was a crazy start for me really, as I honestly just fell into because of breaking my foot.  I already had a good following on my social media but had never thought of blogging, or trying to make money from working with brands through my social channels.

So here it began  –  Last year in Lanzarote I broke my foot,  on returning to the UK I had to leave my job due to taking so much time out.  A lot of the credit goes to my mum really, she encouraged me to start using my social platforms as my next path in my career.  You may have seen on my Instagram I continue to post for ‘Bootea and CocoWhite’ they are both great brands and also the first client I started to work with just over a year ago now and since then my client list seems to grow and grow, now including NewLook, Allsaints, H&M, Android Homme, Boohoo, Braun and many more.

The world of blogging is not all the perfect life that you all may see on our social media, a lot of time goes into planning, shooting, events, meetings and networking.  Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do and I’m enjoying every minute of the path I’m currently on, but I just want to warn you, It’s not as easy as It may look.  Its not  just uploading a picture and being paid for It,  there is much more to It.

I have listed below a few hints that I feel have worked for me and turned things around in my career.  Remember these are things that work for me which means It might not work for everyone but don’t be scared to just give It a go and see what the outcome is.  One thing I will say Is make sure you enjoy doing it and you’re not just doing It because you want the money or because everyone else is.

Hints and Tips 

. Choose only 3 different topics to post on your Instagram page for example (Food, Fashion, Selfies) or (Beauty, Travel, Fashion) That way people that follow you know what to expect next with your posting.

. Make sure all the photos you upload are good quality,  not just a random photo of you in the club drunk on the floor all blurry (Trust me I have these photos of me on my phone, but just not to be put on Instagram haha)

. Use an app called UNUM to plan your next posts. This app is like an empty Instagram that you can upload your photos onto and see which pictures look better next to each other on the grid.

. Find out where your strongest audience is based so you can make sure you’re posting at the right times rather than posting when everyone is asleep in bed.  The best times I find to post are in the morning, 12-1pm and around 7-8pm.

. Don’t upload to many photos in one day, people will get fed up of your 10 pictures taking up their feed and not being able to see other peoples pictures as well.

. Interact with your followers, thank them for commenting or answer their questions if they ask something on one of your photos. This makes them feel like you notice them and they will continue to comment and like your photos.

. Think about your captions wisely rather than just putting a emoji because you don’t know what to type, ask questions for example.

  • Good morning all how was your weekend ?
  • Which outfit do you prefer Left or Right ?

.  Make sure posts are about something you are passionate about.

. Don’t over edit your photos on apps such as ‘FaceTune’ and ‘VSCO’ keep them as natural as you can so people can see the real you and not some fake edited version.

. Choose your backgrounds wisely for your photos. I like to give mine clean and white but this may not fit  your style but I find backgrounds including grass and brick don’t look as good.

I hope some of these pointers help you out a little, If you have any questions drop me a comment below, I will make sure to come back to you and help as much as I can.

I also want to take this time to say thank you to everyone who reads this blog,  follows my social media,  I wouldn’t be able to do what I am doing and what I am passionate about without you. 






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