11th February 2017

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Hey guys,

Now Christmas and New Years Is out the way Its time to get back In the gym and get rid of that weight we all don’t mean to pile on over holiday period. I have set myself a goal to train harder and eat cleaner In 2017 and to make sure I up my game in the fitness area as i’m running the New York marathon for Paco Rabanne in November and Im currently bricking it.

In today’s blog I want to share with you what goes into my gym bag each day to help with my health and skin, post workout.

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Post workout supplements:

Whey protein is super important post workout, because it rapidly digests and feeds the muscles after a heavy workout, where muscle tissue is damaged and repair is of upmost importance.

I use this brand because it’s got the highest protein content, and is low in carbs and sugars so great for keeping me lean.

Creatine is great to use when weight training, because it not only assists muscle tissue recovery, but boosts strength levels and your body’s capacity, to push an extra rep of 2 per set which in turn builds more muscle and increases strength

Protein – Reflex / Creatine – Optimum Nutrition

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Hair & Body:

Next is a trip to the shower to wash away that hard earned sweat which no one wants to smell while on my tube journey home. A great product that wins overall for me is Hydra Power shower gel from L’Oreal Paris men expert collection. The perfect product to freshen up with its 3-in-1 wash which is suitable for body, hair and face and sure to leave your skin feeling clean, refreshed and hydrated which is perfect after a hard workout.

Body wash – L’Oreal

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Next is a deep cleansing face wash with Clinique’s city block purifying gel which is suitable for all skin types and gently removes dirt and pollution which is perfect for those of us that are exposed to that typical London grime. The natural charcoal helps draw out the excess oil leaving your skin feeling brand new.

Face Cleanser – Clinique

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Face moisturiser:

Once your skin has been cleansed from all the sweat and grime, now is the perfect time to add your moisturiser to refresh the skin. My skin gets very dry after a workout so I use Clinique SPF 21 Moisturiser hydratant. Light weight and oil free It really pairs well with my cleanser and leaves my skin feeling soft and re hydrated.

Moisturiser – Clinique

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Even after a post workout shower your metabolism is at its best and still burning away fat in sweat. A strong deodorant is vital at this point to keep you smelling your best. L’Oreal Men Expert has a great anti perspirant from their cool power range which can last for up to 48 hours and keeps you smelling fresh.

Deodorant – L’Oreal

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My lips have always been a area that is easily effected by the cold weather and de hydration after a workout. I use a great lip balm for men & women from Giorgio Armani which comes in several shades and leaves your lips looking natural and feeling healthy and soft.

Lip Balm – Giorgio Armani

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Final Touch:

The final touches really make a difference so a quick spray of fragrance adds the perfect touch to make sure you’re smelling your best for the day ahead. I like to switch things up with my fragrances but my favourite for after the gym is Invictus from Paco Rabanne, Its strong masculine scent fits perfectly after a good workout.

Fragrance – Paco Rabanne 

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Re Energise:

Pineapple is a fantastic post workout choice because it not only aids in muscle tissue recovery by replenishing glycogen cells (energy) but it’s also packed full of antioxidants and vitamin c which help boost the immune system and repair Your body after them hard workouts



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