19th November 2016

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Hey guys,

The past couple of months have been a little crazy for me travelling from Los Angeles to Lanzarote and my last stop In New York City. Unfortunately I had to take a back seat on my gym training which always gets me down as I’m sure like the most of us we want that perfect body but work can just sometimes get In the way.

Just before LA I was training with a personal trainer who managed to whip me Into shape working me to the bone and helping me with what to eat and what supplements can help along the way. I always find It hard with dieting and taking certain supplements as being out and about all day makes It hard to eat the right foods and give our body the right things It needs.

Wow Protein have now produced an On-The-Go bottle of goodness that could help give your body just what It needs In the most convenient way. Whey protein, vitamins and a delicious flavour are stored freshly in the cap and released into the water making sure the ingredients are kept at their most powerful. I find for me protein is a vital part to my diet as It helps build and repair the body In the best possible way. Wow Protein has some great benefits Including

.Fat Free

.Gluten Free

.Sugar Free

As well as It containing water which we all need to consume each day protein is essential for muscle repair, giving you the ability to exercise for longer and recover much quicker. This is crucial to the diet of anyone who is looking to become fitter and healthier. The ingredient stored In the cap include.

.20g Protein

.4.1mg BCAA’s

.Vitamin B6, C & D

I’m not a huge fan of water so I try to find the strongest flavoured protein to drown out the watery taste. Wow Protein offers a Summer Fruits and Tropical flavour that really do taste great. There is nothing better than drinking something you enjoy with all the best benefits that come with It and the body needs.

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The bottle is simple, remove the cap to expose the red button. Press the button to release the flavour and Ingredients into the 500ml water. Give the bottle a good shake and your good to go. Once the Ingredients are released the bottle Is good to drink for the next 24hours.

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Wow Protein Is now stocked in Tesco’s and makes It the perfect option to add to your lunch time meal deal.  Other benefits Include.

.No Powder, measuring,spillage or wastage

.No Cleaning, mess or washing up

.Tastes great and re-hydrates

.fits perfectly In the fridge

Go check out more details at and let me know what you think If you manage to pop in to give them a try yourself.



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