22nd November 2016


With Black Friday just around the corner, I thought I would treat you all and kick things off 2 days early.   20% off all Items plus a 3 for 2 deal.  Onepiece Is a perfect place to start. All you need to do is head over to to check out their amazing range and make sure to add code CARL to unlock this incredible deal.

Below are 2 looks I have put together from their collection Including the Extent Hoodie, Leap Zip Hoodie and Out Basic Pant all In black to fit the ‘Black Friday’ vibes perfectly.

No need to head out to the crazy store sales coming home with a black eye and clothes you didn’t even want, stay home, charge your laptop, get the kettle on and snap up some amazing bargains from your sofa. 

Extent Hoodie: Here 

Leap Zip Hoodie: Here 

Out Basic Pant: Here 

img_8529 img_8583 img_3179 img_8549 img_8542 img_8602 img_8507 img_8622



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