21st June 2016

Superdry 4

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People ask me how I manage to keep a healthy balanced lifestyle while still enjoying a busy social life and very heavy schedule.  I will hold my hands up and say I am no expert when It comes to food and fitness, but I am lucky that I have friends In this industry which helps guide me along the way.

I believe one of the vital elements to achieving a good physique is to ensure you maintain a healthy balanced diet. Now don’t get me wrong occasionally you can fall of the wagon (as I am sure we have all done) but the trick is to move on and start afresh, as tomorrow Is another day.

As all health experts will advice you, breakfast Is the most important meal of the day.  I strongly believe in this, as your body has been starved for several hours while you are sleeping so needs to be refuelled.

Depending on my schedule, you will always find a trip to the gym is in there. This is because, I don’t look at fitness as a chore, its more of a lifestyle.  I know that the first step can sometimes be hard, however once taken you’ll be please you have.

As well as the gym another passion of mine is fashion. I was very lucky when Superdry invited me into their International flagship store, located In Piccadilly to choose some Items from their new sports collection. The design and quality of their product are to a very high standard.  Make sure you head over to their website to check the full range – Here




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