18th March 2017

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Something I crave for all year round is the the perfect tan.  It has been proven that a simple tan can create a more defined and healthier look to your body, which leaves me feeling a lot more confident about myself. 

At the age of 26, spending lots of time in the sun might leave me looking great with a glowing tan now, however my skin will be dealing with the consequences and begin to age well before its time.  Leaving me with wrinkles and pigmented. 

I have looked into spending time on sun beds and the sun more and more over the past couple of months and realised just how much this can actually effect my skin and my health.

I have experimented with various fake tans over the years, using them as a quick fix before a night out or an event and if I felt I was looking a little pasty and needed that instant glow. 

Over the past 12 days I have been using a new “mens” gradual tanning foam by “Bondi Sands” to see what results I got.  For starters a big thing I love about this gradual foam is the smell, anyone who has used fake tan before will completely agree with me that it is hard to find a good fake tan that doesn’t come with that tell tale smell. 

The new Bondi Sands foam is specifically made for men so comes with a more masculine scent rather than the typical coconut butter or cocoa. Another big plus for me is that as its a gradual tan it gives you control over what shade you want to achieve. Rather than applying an instant lotion and ending up glowing orange (trust me I’ve been there). Another thing I love about this product is the time it takes to dry – it is a very fast absorbing product which means you can dress almost immediately following application which is perfect for guys on the go like me.

Over the years I have noticed men are taking more pride in their appearance, introducing certain grooming routines and products to their everyday lives – I know quite a few of my friends who use their girlfriends products these days ha-ha. There is no harm in using a product that is going to make you look healthier and leave you feeling more confident about yourself. 

I personally have had no streaks, bad smells, or awkward orange face moments with this tan so will most definitely continue to use this product as part of my weekly routine.

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This blog is in partnership with Bondi Sands, however all views are my own.



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