10th February 2016

Verstone 2

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My days only seem to be getting busier at the moment, so having my essentials all in one place is a must. I’ve tried big chunky wallets in the past but I find they take up too much space in my outfits (especially if I’m wearing skinny jeans!) and become full of old receipts that I really don’t need to be hanging on to. So this week I was delighted to received these beautiful card holders from a company called Verstone. They are handcrafted in England and made in luxuriously high-quality leathers with hand-painted edges and hand-tied ends.

The first being the Matt black lizard and the Turquoise lizard followed by the Amethyst Ostrich. The logo is gold foil stamped with the wallet lined in orange French goatskin leather.

Verstone 4 Verstone 3

Verstone 5

Verstone created this pocket art to carry around multiple cards, folded cash and receipts. Take with you only what you need and de-clutter your life. What better way than to do it with some added style?

I also received these luxury iPhone 6 cases. I’m not great at making decisions so when I received the “Black Python” and the “Natural Kudu” I didn’t know which one to attach to my phone. These are great to add an unparalleled luxury feel to your phone. Featuring soft rubber edges to improve the comfort and handling of the phone, these cases are also handcrafted in England and stamped with a matt gold foil.

Verstone Phone case Verstone Phone case 2

I caught up with the duo Paddy and Sunil who shared a vision and a passion for high-quality leather goods. Here is what they had to say about their brand.

“My vision is to create little pieces of art that you could fit into your pocket. A lot of the leather cardholders and wallets available today are often afterthoughts by the big fashion houses. They often use cheap materials made in sweatshop factories. Many people will buy based on the logo alone and corporate fashion houses know how to exploit this. But I believe that we appeal to the more intelligent individual – as well as being stylish, they’re a lot more discerning than the average person.”

“To me, luxury is produced in exclusive quantities, uses exceptional materials and is precisely handmade. It’s important that we carefully handcraft all of our articles in house and it’s important that our materials be sourced from only the most prestigious tanneries around the globe.”

Verstone 6

Go check out their full range here:




  1. TOMmeezJERRY says:

    Great wallets and cases! Love the design – good choice 😉

    Best regards from Berlin
    André by

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