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30th March 2016


So this is my first “A Moment With” I didn’t think there was a better person to kick this off. I have known Ferne for over 3 years now so I felt this was a great opportunity for me to get to know her just that little bit better and share some of this with you all. I asked Ferne several questions and also gathered some questions from her own Fans.

Whats your dream role?

Ferne: I would love to be an actress in a British drama a bit spunky and gritty. Peaky Blinders or a Martina Cole would be perfect something a bit gutsy.

What Tv show would you most like to present on?

Ferne: I would love to be a part of Britain’s Got Talent It would be amazing being able to see all the fun and talented performers. Ive just started to do a little presenting myself so I’m looking forward to the future, who knows one day I could be presenting Britain’s Got Talent.

Who is your celebrity crush?

Ferne: Thats an easy one Its Jack O’Connell, I think he is so sexy and I loved him as Cookie the bad boy in skins. I love his rough around the edges side Im not a pretty boy kinda girl.

If you could make your own girl squad like Kendall Jenner who would be in your’s?

Ferne: Well Kendall has the ultimate girl squad with Gigi Hamid, Cara Delevingne and Hailey Baldwin. In mine i would have Sam & Billie Faiers, Vicky Pattison, Danielle Armstrong and Jess Wright.

If you could go back Into the jungle which 8 celebrities would you choose to join you?

Ferne: Well I would defiantly want to take Rylan Clarke In with me as I think he is Lovely and a really fun person, and he makes me laugh. I would have to take George and Vicky back in with me as I had a blast with them first time round. Jack O’Connell to share a hammock with (Wink Wink) Cara Delevingne as I would like her to be my mate as she looks like so much fun. Joe Squash as he would bring so much banter to the camp. Last of all i would bring the ultimate power couple JayZ and Beyonce as they could just entertain us all rapping and singing.

Apart from Vicky had you met any of the other camp mates before you went into the jungle?

Ferne: I met George once at a charity event I did but I couldn’t really remember meeting him oops.

A fan asked why are you so beautiful Ferne?

Ferne: That is so sweet so thank you. I don’t know I guess you will have to ask my parents as they made me haha. To be honest I feel everyone is self critical, I have days I don’t feel at all beautiful.

If you could be Prime Minister for a day what policy would you like to change?

Ferne: I’m all for gender equality so I would have to make male and female equal In every way or form.

If you could re-live any part of you live again what moment would it be?

Ferne: The jungle 100% I had so much fun and it was an experience of a lifetime.

Who is your fitness inspiration?

Ferne: Lauren Goodger, like what an inspiration she looks incredible.

What is your party trick?

Ferne: I don’t really have trick to use at parties, I can spit in-between my teeth drop it down then suck it back up before it drops but this would not be pulled out the bag at any party.




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