19th January 2018

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I am back with part 2 of my ‘Best places to visit in L.A’. Today’s blog will feature my favourite places to explore and shoot Instagram content.

Runyon Canyon

One of my favourite spots in Los Angles. Runyon offers the best views of the city, attracting thousands of locals and tourists each day. Now to get those incredible views it does come with a small price, sweat sweat sweat! you have to hike to the top to enjoy those memorable moments. It can most certainly class as your workout for the day but trust me it is well worth it when you get there.

Runyon 1

Hollywood Blvd

I really don’t think this one needs much explanations. Best known for its rows of stars displaying the names of the worlds most famous. You can also find the Chinese Theatre and Madame Tussaud’s wax museum.   This is a great place to capture your Hollywood shot, be warned it does get incredible busy so early morning visit may be the best time to drop by.

Hollywood blvd Hollywood Blvrd 1

The Grove

The amount of times I have visited The Grove you would think I’d have some sort of membership card ha-ha.  Honestly this is one of the best shopping & dining spots you will find in America.  Filled with shops, restaurants, Cinema, Coffee shops and the Farmers market there is plenty to explore. The perfect place to capture a Instagram photo around its charming design.

The grove

The Grove 2


The perfect area to capture lots of impressive photographs, filled with L.A’s most famous Instagrammed walls. Including the pink Paul Smith wall, Made In L.A sign and Angel Wings wall. This is where I venture to capture a large amount of my content as the street is full of street art, artsy cafe’s and perfect photo oppotunities.

Melrose 1 Melrose 2

Santa Monica

Have you ever been to Blackpool in the UK? Well Santa Monica is a similar spot, however much more enjoyable with the warm California temperatures. A long pier filled with rides and restaurants. A lively spot to enjoy and snapshot all the fun.

 Santa Monica 2

Venice Beach

Just a short walk from Santa Monica Pier, Venice beach is the ideal position to capture the California rays and enjoy everything around it.  A row of street performers line up to round up the crowds.  You will also come across the famous Muscle Beach outdoor gym. Visit the free-spirited Venice Boardwalk to treasure-hunt its funky shops and enjoy some live music performances. It really is a must see place when you visit California as the atmosphere is captivating.

Venice beach 3 Venice beach 2

LACMA Museum

LACMA Stands for Los Angles County Museum of Art, this is the largest art museum in the West.  You may have seen on Instagram the famous Urban Lights, which is positioned directly in front of LACMA.  The area is always filled with tourists trying to capture that perfect Instagram photo. Check out my youtube video below to see some of cool space the museum has to offer. Definitely a great spot to shoot some of your travel shots.

Lacma 1

Disney Land / California Adventure

Around a hour drive (depending on traffic) from Hollywood, you will find the one magical place we can transform into a kid for the day 🙂  The park is split into two, Disneyland one side and California Adventure the other.  I have visited both and have had the best days out.  A great place to capture lots of memorable moments on camera, Instagram definitely go crazy for Minnie & Mikey.

California adventure Disneyland

Rodeo Drive

If you have watched the film Pretty Women, Rodeo Drive is the area it was filmed. Filled with luxury stores and plush restaurants, this is one area you could walk away from with a empty bank balance.  Another great area to capture Instagram content with tall well kept Palm trees and it’s lavish design.

Rodeo Drive 2

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - SEP 20: Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills on September 20, 2013. Rodeo Drive is an affluent shopping district known for designer label and haute couture fashion.

Griffith Observatory

California’s gateway to the cosmos. Explore the space exhibit and look through the incredible large telescope into space. Sitting on the south-facing slope of mount Hollywood it offers spectacular views from the Pacific Ocean to Downtown L.A, you can also catch a glance at famous Hollywood sign.  It really is a experience and a perfect spot to pull out your camera to capture all those special moments.





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