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26th November 2016


Wow, well where do I start with this blog post.

A couple of week ago I received a email asking If I would like to take part In what I would call a life changing experience.  I was contacted by ‘Paco Rabanne’ to become one of their ambassadors and embark on a journey I never thought I would take.

So to take this back a couple of weeks, I received an email from Paco Rabanne explaining that they would  like to take me plus 4 other bloggers from France,Italy,Germany and Spain to NewYork on 8th November to support their current model and ambassador Nick Youngquest  who was taking part In the 26.5mile NYC marathon.

While on this trip we would meet the marketing and PR team behind the brand ‘Invictus’ and plunge into many activities together as a group and at the end our challenge will be to Surpass ourselves and to train for the NYC marathon in 2017.

I have always been a fan of keeping fit in the gym however the running machine and I have never really been friends, so this certainly was going to be a challenge for me, but was that going to stop me, no!!!

So my New York journey begins. It was 5am and my chauffeur driver arrived to escort me to Heathrow airport, where I would be meeting my PR ‘Chantel’ from Paco Rabanna,  who was accompanying me on my trip.  There is no better thing to be told when Its 6am and your tired and cold,  than Carl you’re flying ‘First Class’.  So once our bags had been sent off we took a trip to the British Airways first class lounge, where we enjoyed some delicious breakfast and of course to celebrate a cheeky glass of champers (It’s never too early to celebrate)

You know what they say “time flies” when you’re having fun, so next minute, were being called to our gate to board the plane.  I have never flew first class before, so Its always nice to enter the plane and be told to turn left Instead of turning right.  Come on I know we have all had that thought before.

We arrived to very pleasant staff and a very comfortable chair to make the journey a lot more enjoyable and fun.  We sat back, relaxed and indulged In some delicious food, movies and lots of laughs together which was a perfect start to the trip.

When we arrived we swiftly got through customs and collected our bags and off we went to the ‘Standard East Village Hotel’, where we were staying. Walking Into my beautiful room on the 14th floor, with views looking all out over New York and Paco Rabanne goodies laid out over my bed,  I had the biggest smile on my face from cheek to cheek.

After a quick freshen up, I met back downstairs with Chantel and off we went to explore Times Square and the Empire State Building, which gave me that Wow feeling.  My first night was free so I had planned to head for dinner with my blogger friend Justin, who lives in  NewYork.

Sunday morning waking at 6am fresh with a pot of coffee delivered to my room, I got ready and headed down to the lobby where I met with the other 4 bloggers and the team from Paco Rabanne.  We enjoyed a luscious breakfast and went around the table introducing ourselves and getting to know each other a little better.  The ice was really broken when I joked and told the team, “I used to be a global hand model” but got fired because I broke a nail and so then became a blogger (A joke of course)

After breakfast we made our way outside, to find a limo which was going to take us to our next stop, ‘the marathon’.   Where we would be supporting Nick through out his journey.

The last time I travelled In a limo was at my prom, when I was 16.  So I took full advantage of it and popped on some tunes and enjoyed the views of NYC, feeling like I was on the set for Hangover.  We cheered on Nick at different points of the marathon, and finally met him at the finish line to give him the last push he needed to finish the run, in an incredible 3 hours 50minutes.

After a full morning of walking and cheering we earned a well deserved lunch at ‘Bubby’s High Line’, which was very tasty. After lunch we had a few hours spare, so a couple of us decided to just walk around New York and take in the amazing vibes and capture some photos of the incredible city.

When returning to the hotel I was presented with more treats laid out on my bed, one of which was a clue, as to what activities we would be doing the following day, a customised lab coat, which made my mind go into overload, thinking what could this activity be.

After a quick shower and change, we were back on the road, where we stopped off at the stunning ‘Whyte hotel’  where we enjoyed an incredible view of NewYork, over some champagne, cocktails and lots of laughs among the group.

Once we had built up an appetite for food we jumped back in the car to the ‘Aurora restaurant’,  In the heart of Soho where we enjoyed lots of delicious Italian dishes.

Another busy day ahead of us I received a heavenly breakfast delivered to my room, preparing me for another fun day with the RunInvictus team.  Meeting In the lobby, everyone seemed to share the same tired feeling I had, however all was excited for day lined up for us.

The first activity was a trip to the IFF where we would create our own fragrances, based on the Invictus scent.  It was great to see an inside into how perfume’s are tested and made.  I went for a sexual smell with mine and decided to call it ‘Carlos’ which made everyone laugh, as I pretended to act out a advert I would make If mine made It into stores.  After spending a few hours In the lab we got back In the car and travelled through town, to stop off for some lunch before heading for the last activity of the trip.  At lunch Nick gave a great speech about why he decided to do the Marathon for ’TeamForKids’ charity and what helped him get through those last tough miles.  He then revealed the last stop on our amazing 3 day trip, would be to IFLY across the city where we would challenge ourselves to jump into the wind tunnel and do Indoor sky diving, which was a lot of fun and certainly woke us all up.

This trip really made me appreciate the job I have and I couldn’t thank PacoRabanne enough for this incredible journey we are all going to take.  At first running the marathon scared me, as I am not a big runner and I would never want to let anyone down, especially as it is for such a good cause.  However, after spending this time with the team and really coming together, It has pushed me even more to now start training over the next year, so we all cross that finish line together in 2017.

Make sure to keep up with my social media over the next year, as I will be taking you on this journey with me,  preparing myself for a life changing experience, In completing the ‘New York City marathon’, for ‘PacoRabanne Invictus’.

Paco Rabanne Invictus Fragrance available – Here




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  1. Lee says:

    Pix look great!

    Can I ask? Your black Levi’s, are they 510, 511 or 519 please! Really love the fit and want to get some but not sure which ones they are.

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