A Perfect Night In

4th January 2016



After a hard week I love to come home and give my face some TLC by treating myself to a relaxing face mask to help detox my skin. I find the quickest way to see results with your skin is to apply a simple face mask.

I’ve used a few different one’s recently and my favourite are the mud mask, as you rinse them off, you straight away feel more refreshed. I love the rinse off type as I’m not keen on peeling something off my face as knowing me I will nip to the shop and still have some hanging off my face (like Mrs Doubtfire).

I recently treated myself to some new face mask products from 7th Heaven, you may be more familiar with the old name they went by ‘Montagne Jennesse’ You can buy these from stores like Boots and Primark and it’s defiantly worth throwing a few in your basket.

These face masks retail at a £1 each and if you have not tried one before, I would highly recommend them. My skin feels fantastic afterwards, the perfect budget beauty buy. They have many flavours and types all for different results.

The masks all smelt amazing and were really easy to apply and remove. I also like it when the ‘mud’ mask dry as I feel that I look like some kind of superhero. ( Carl the mud man haha )

The peel off mask goes on sticky and peels off like cling film. A favourite of mine is the ‘Coffee Mocha Mud’ as I love the refreshed and revitalised feeling once rinsed off, and I’m also a bit of a coffee junkie.

I love how the masks make your skin feel tight while they are working, it feels a lot more like a proper salon face treatment. You get a very generous amount in the sachet so could always share 1 between two of you.

These face masks are great for anyone. great value and nice little boost for your skin.

If you would like to learn more about 7th Heaven or find your nearest stockists, you can visit them here.


Coffee Mocha Mud – Gently Exfoliates & Cleanses Pores
Tea Tree Peel-Off – Helps To Purge Pores & Clear Skin
Creamy Coconut – Hydrating Vitality Boost
Banana & Honey masque – Cleans Up & Soothes Skin
Passion Peel-Off – Helps Peel Away Dead Cells



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  1. Alix Niyonkinzo says:

    Great post about one of the more underappreciated aspects of menswear, namely grooming. But now I understand why you always looks so flawless in you pics 😉

    / Alix Niyonkinzo

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