31st August 2016


If you follow me on Instagram you would have realised by now a favourite brand of mine that I have continued to use over the past year is Bootea. I would say I’m a relatively healthy guy and try to keep in shape the best I possible can. Bootea has always been my side kick along the journey as my little phrase I use is ‘A Bootea a day helps keep the fat away’ Don’t get me wrong you cant eat 7 MacDonald’s a day and drink the 14 day detox plan and expect to loose weight however eating a normal balanced diet while completing a Bootea plan there is bound to be results. As well as loosing some of that weight you never meant to put on the products also make me feel refreshed, recharged and ready for a new day.

Bootea’s range has grown over time bringing you several different products to help you make a lifestyle change you may have been looking to make.


First of all we have the 14 day Teatox which I would class as the base of the brand as this is a great product to start with. 1 morning tea everyday and 1 nighttime tea every 2 days is all you need to get you stared.



If you’re a gym freak like me the Protein shakes are another great product to get your hands on as repairing the body after a hard workout is a very important factor of getting fit.


Extra Boost

Sometimes Its hard to find that energy you need to get yourself to the gym after a long day at work. This Pre Workout gold dust has really helped me find that get up and go I needed to complete a great workout I didn’t think I had In me.


Breakfast Time

If you ever open your cupboard in the morning and think hmm what to have for breakfast this morning, look no further as Bootea has a great morning Oats which will help kickstart your day.


Pop-Corn Snack 

Dieting Is hard trust me I know however there is little snacks out there we can all teat ourselves to and Bootea’s new Popcorn is something you can ‘Pop’ in the naughty draw for when those cravings start.


The Final Piece

Both of these products are a great little addition to your Bootea collection, they will help you out through your Bootea journey. The CLA tablets are full with natural essential Conjugated Linoleum Acid and the Vitamins are everything you need to ensure you are getting your recommended daily allowance for overall well-being, vitality and immunity.


For more details on Bootea check out their website – Here


Win yourself the full range from Bootea for FREE. All you need to do is comment below on this blogpost saying MAKE ME A WINNER. Ill be picking the winner and uploading their name onto this post next Wednesday so make sure you pop back to check If your the lucky winner.

Good Luck x




  1. Jedidiah Mugarura says:

    Make me a winner

  2. Hayley says:

    Make me a winner!! Pretty please with a cherry om top!

  3. Claire Williams says:

    Make me a winner 🙂

    • Latisha says:

      Menorca mantiene esa belleza virgen gracias a su gran aisiamlento, es la mas lejana de Baleares, pero ese gran aislamiento es para lo bueno y para lo malo, los menorquines son gente primaria, basica, de vida sedentaria, cerrados en si mismos, se les nota desfasados en muchos aspectos, solo hay que hablar con ellos un rato para comprobarlo, es como si no hubiesen evolucionado al mismo ritmo que nosotros, tienen una filosofia de vida anticuada, desfasada.

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